Growing up in mid sized towns, Champaign and Rockford Illinois, I always wanted to be a part of something larger. Particularly given the close proximity of these towns to Chicago, by all measures, a real American city. Being somewhat of a loaner with a hyperactive imagination, I kept my imagination occupied with my fantasy city, the City of Meridia.

Merida sits approximately where Champaign Illinois sits today. A key geographical departure from reality however is the Sven River, which stretches from Southern Illinois roughly following the path of the Kaskaskia River up through Central Illinois, before continuing north hitting lake Michigan somewhere in southern Cook County.

Central Meridia, A.K.A Coreusant, sits about 120 miles south of Chicago, on the east bank of the Sven river. Coreusant is one of 10 boroughs in this city of approximately 8.25 million people. It is also the downtown borough which the highways commuter rail, and rapid transit systems are designed around.

The city straddles both sides of the Sven, with the primary boroughs of Coreusant, Loray, Trafalgar, and Diawa on the east side, the Dockland borough is on the west bank of the Sven immediately west of Coreusant. These five boroughs are known as the Inner Boroughs, and is where a majority of the activity happens in my active imagination. The other five boroughs are known as the outer boroughs and are generally more suburban than the urban, densely populated inner boroughs.

Coreusant however is where the city began, and the other boroughs were annexed at various times in the late 19th, early 20th century to the larger city.