Meeting the Parents in Champaign

This past weekend I had the opportunity to introduce my girlfriend to my Parents, well actually just my Mom, since she had the chance to meet my dad when he came to Seattle several months ago. We made the trip to Chicago, thinking we would spend most of my time up there and then just take a couple of days off to take her down to Champaign, and the Parents.

My parents have been separated for a while now and whenever they’re together, which is usually when I visit anymore, it seems like the awkwardness is so thick you can stab a fork at it, and this visit was no exception. My mom is never one to miss a chance to make a snide comment about my dad, and generally feels she is getting screwed over by him, but she won’t for whatever reason do anything to stop it.

We spent a lot of time at the local area bars and wineries around Champaign, and I think the alcohol helped to the extent that it could. To make matters worse, me and my girlfriend aren’t religious at all, while my Mom is highly religious, making the meeting even more awkward.

Finally, after just over 24 hours in Champaign, it was back to the Chicago, and ultimately back to the life I have built for myself out here in Seattle.

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