Once again I am attempting to do a website. Yay!!!!!

So one of my loves is of world travel, hence I am using this site to document those travels. At some point, I would like to have visited all 6 inhabited continents, or their outliers, so for instance New Zealand counts as Australia, and Japan counts for Asia, even though those places are not actually attached to the actual land masses. Perhaps, I should be more ambitious and use the actual continents, but I view that as a secondary goal.

So far by this standard then, I have been to North America(home), Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Over the years growing up through now, my mind has tended to wander quite a bit, some of which I think could be kind of strange, a lot of which involves fantasy worlds largely based on the world we live in, and largely based on Central Illinois, where I grew up. I am going to try to document some of that here if and when I get around to it.

This is actually my second attempt at the rgraves.me format since the first one went down in a flurry of technical issues I can’t begin to understand, so now I am just sticking with the managed WordPress site rather than try to manage this thing myself.

For now, thanks for visiting my site. To be honest, if nobody ever came to this site, that would not be particularly surprising, particularly now in the early days, where I don’t really have too much to say yet.