Loray Borough

This post was originally posted on my prior site, I feel the need to repost it now. I am hoping Meridia gets to be an important part of the blog, if I even find time for it, but this is what I originally wrote about in August about the Loray Borough

So after a bit of gin, I feel it is time to delve in to the Borough of Loray, of the City of Meridia.

Loray is one of the 12 boroughs of Meridia, each with a culture and identity all of its own, which at some point got swallowed up in the Coreusant Borough centered city of Meridia. Loray however had a stronger identity than most of the other 11, largely as an academic borough, which, oddly enough, came into being mostly into my college years.

The borough sits to the north, north-east of Coreusant, parts of which do touch the Sven river, but the most important parts, the parts that I focus my imagination most on tend to be several miles to the east of the river.

There is a highway that goes up from Coreusant and on out of the city, and into Chicago, that goes through the borough, but there also at least two Subway lines from Coreusant. One of which flows straight north out of Coreusant into Loray, then follows east, the other comes out of Coreusant, goes elevated, loops into Trafalgar (more on that later) and on north into Loray. The subway out of coreusant ultimately flows under 120th street (a east-west street) and the elevated line via Trafalgar runs above green street(a north south road, named after the actual street in Champaign, Illinois).

Where these two lines intersect there are two state universities. Illinois State University at Meridia, and the University of Illinois at Loray. Illinois State Meridia lies at the west side of Green Street, where as the University of Illinois at Loray lies at the east side. The Illinois State University system and the University of Illinois systems are two state supported universities. They are similar in structure to say the University of California system vs the Cal State systems, where as both are state supported, but one receives a lot more state support ,and as more research oriented than the other. \Needless to say the academic standards at the University of Illinois are significantly higher than at the Illinois State System, sort of like comparing Berkley to Northridge. Additionally, there is a high large high end private university, Pulaski University, located elsewhere in the borough.

Obviously, being a B to C student in High School, I never would have gotten into the University of Illinois System and would have to settle for Illinois State at Meridia had I chosen to attend a State University in my fictional state.

At the time of my college, the City of Meridia would had a special class of liquor license for the Loray Borough that would allow entry to bars at age 19, commonly referred to as the L-19 class of license. Growing up, however, I realized this was a stupid idea, and bars in Loray would have the same 21 year old entry age as the rest of the bars in Meridia, to keep the hooligans out from the other boroughs, or at leas I tell myself that.

That being said, since the 1990’s the borough has changed from a culture dominated by students at the two universities, to a borough dominated by people living in Loray ,but commuting to Coreusant to work in the finance sector, or to stay in Loray and work in the Borough’s booming technology sector.

Oh well, I guess we all get old, and our dreams change or are revised in the process. Right now this, as well as the entire City of Meridia, is a rough draft, maybe I will develop it, or maybe the ADD will kick in and I will go on an entirely different path, anyhow, here is where I start.

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